Pamela Hiller

Pamela Hiller grew up in Tennessee, surrounded by quilters, embroiderers, storytellers, and musicians who embodied authentic folk arts. Upon moving to San Francisco this interest expanded to artisans from around the world.  It is her belief that the work of hands, heart, and mind are still important reminders of our shared humanity.

Pamela has over 30 years experience in the craft of oriental rug restorations and 15 years as an appraiser specializing in oriental carpets. From her Petaluma studio she has worked for leading corporations, rug producers, interior designers, and private collectors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her wish is to keep alive a traditional skill in the twenty-first century.

Articles about Pamela:

“Pam Hiller exerts qualities of integrity and skill in her restoration work that, in my experience, can not be excelled in the United States.”

~ James Opie, author of
   TribalRugs: A Complete
   Guide to Nomadic and
   Village Carpets


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