Rug Restoration:  Art and  Science

Rug Restoration:
Art and  Science

Much time and skill are needed to weave a handmade carpet.  An experienced weaver can take anywhere from 5 to 15 months to create a 9’x12’ rug, depending on the fineness of the weave.  This impressive amount of labor makes handmade carpets true luxury items.

Over time these well-used creations need care.  With proper treatment, a handmade carpet can last anywhere from decades to centuries.  This requires the skills of an experienced restorer.

Restoring an oriental rug requires knowledge of every aspect of the weaving process, which includes:

  • •  Types of materials used
  • •  Spinning of wool
  • •  Dyeing of yarns
  • •  Multiple weaving techniques
  • •  Finishing processes
  • Oriental rug restoration is equal parts art and science.

    Pamela Hiller has over three decades of experience in the craft of oriental rug repair.  From her Petaluma studio she has worked for leading corporations, rug producers, and private collectors in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Pamela’s training includes work in:

  • •  Oriental carpet restorations
  • •  Aubusson tapestry weaving techniques
  • •  Natural dyeing techniques
  • •  Handspinning of wool into yarn
  • •  Navajo rug restorations
  • •  Oriental carpet technical analysis and identification
  • Please contact Pamela with any questions you have regarding restorations of your handwoven rugs.


    Navajo rug restored
    by Pamela


    Navajo rug restored
    by Pamela

    (Click to enlarge.)


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